Meet Organizer:  Jamie Shelden learned to fly on the sand dunes of Marina Beach on the central coast of C10857168_10206438543740615_6314309479146641701_oalifornia in 1991. Since then hang gliding has pretty much consumed her life.  Jamie has competed in the US and abroad and organizes two big competitions each year in the US.  In addition, she serves as a director at large with the USHPA and as the Secretary and US delegate to the CIVL for the past six years.


Meet Director/Score Keeper:  Mitch Shipley is a retired Navy nuclear submarine commander and has flown hang gliders for nearly 30 years.  He is a Master rated pilot, an Advanced Instructor 13131253_10209443905000898_3865717381843238928_oand USHPA’s 2013 Instructor of the Year.  As a natural extension of teaching, Mitch serves as the USHPA Accident Review Committee HG Co-Chair trying to develop and get out lessons learned to our membership that help keep us safer in the air. Mitch is an active pilot as well as a USHPA Director at Large, and the USHPA’s alternate delegate to the CIVL.


Safety Director:  Bubba Goodman started flying in 1977 and worked as safety director at the 2015 Dinosaur competition, as launch director at the 1988 nationals, and as safety director at King Mountain.  Until a few years ago, he competed at most of the meets in the US, frequently being asked to be on the safety committees. His first flight off Dinosaur was over 100 miles. For the past 9 years, Bubba has run his own PG/HG meet in North Carolina. Safety has always been his number one priority, with a great record to back that up.


Launch Directors:  Trudy Craddock and Karly Blake